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Best Ad Networks with instant approval

So you want to earn money with your website/blog etc. but your site is in the beginning and you dont have that much content. Here are the best Ad Networks for small Websites with instant approval. There is no matter… Continue Reading →

The best linkfire alternative – tunevoyage

We dont need to talk about how great linkfire is. But many good musicians don’t get accepted by linkfire. So now you are looking for a alternative and you probably found this page. I was in the same situation than… Continue Reading →

Best smart link websites for musicians

So you are a musician and published your own song on many different streaming and download portals such as ITunes and Spotify? But now you want to collect all the links on one page, so you can send out one… Continue Reading →

Best URL Shorteners to make money with

Do you have some long URL’s and you want to shorten them? But you also want to make some extra money. Here I present you the best URL Shorteners to make money with! Some of them also offer PopUnders, Enter… Continue Reading →

Best URL Shortener to make much money

So you are searching for a opportunity to shorten your links or to make so extra money. Here I will present you, the in my opinion best URL Shortener ever. overview Cash per 1000 views CPM: 5 –… Continue Reading →

7 most beautiful color palettes for your next project

When I started with my last website, I spent hours on finding the perfect colors. The colors need to be different but also need to match. After searching for a long time I got this beautiful color palettes. And I want… Continue Reading →

Photoshop Merge different layers to one

Mark all the layers you want merged together. You can do this with holding Shift and click on the different layers in the little window Make a right-click on one of the layers and choose Link Layers But take care!… Continue Reading →

Photoshop smartobject is not editable SOLUTION

To solve this problem just make a rightclick on the layer and choose Rasterize Layer.   Now you can edit the image as known.

Add YouTube video to Powerpoint

Go to your YouTube-Video and make a right-click on it. Then choose Copy Embed Code In PowerPoint go to Insert/Video , open the drop-down menu and choose Video from Website Paste your Embed Code and then click Insert

How to export a PowerPoint presentation as full HD video

Press Alt+F11 Go to Insert/Module Paste the following code into the box Sub MkVideo() If ActivePresentation.CreateVideoStatus <> ppMediaTaskStatusInProgress Then ActivePresentation.CreateVideo FileName:=Environ(“USERPROFILE”) & “\Desktop\test.wmv”, _ UseTimingsAndNarrations:=True, _ VertResolution:=1080, _ FramesPerSecond:=25, _ Quality:=100 Else: MsgBox “There is another conversion to video in… Continue Reading →

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