Do you have a Shopify store but many visitors don’t buy anything or don’t sign up for your newsletter? So you want to change this, but you don’t have the money to buy some expensive plugins? Then here is the solution for you: Pivy for Shopify

What is Pivy?

Pivy is a free PopUp app for your Shopify Store. With Privy, you’ll never need another popup, coupon or abandoned cart app again. With this Plugin, it’s very easy to collect E-Mails and to give coupons to your website visitors. All without any coding or development skills needed.

Their special feature is the “exit intent”. With this, you can display for example a coupon to a visitor who wants to close your site.

My example

For sure this is not a sponsored post! I use Pivy for my own store and it’s just amazing! So I wanted to share this tool with you.

So, if someone wants to close my Webshop ( it shows a “wheel of luck” where the visitor can win some cool prizes!

Spin To Win Aziquer Clothing

What they offer

Beside the “Wheel of Luck”, they offer many other really cool templates. They are all fully modifiable so you can design them like you want to! Here I have some examples:

popup pivyPopUps

You can create a PopUp which a special offer a message or a coupon after a few seconds or when a visitor tries to leave the shop.



Spin To Win - Pivy

Spin To Win

With this feature, your visitors can win some prices if they provide their mail. The weel is fully customizable and you can say how big the chances should be to win the specific prices. (You also can set a winning chance to 0%)



Banner - Pivy




Bar - PivyBar


LandingPage - PivyLanding Page







How to install Pivy

To use Pivy you need a Shopify Store. To install this Plugin go to from where you can install it for free. After this go to the dashboard of your Shopify Store, go to Apps and click on “Pivy”.

In the section “Campaign” you can create your first campaign. It’s absolutely simple to use this tool and you are guided through every single step. The design is fully customizable and it’s very easy to do so (screenshot below).

Dashboard - Pivy



Hope you make much more sales with this tool and wish you much luck with your store!