So you are a musician and published your own song on many different streaming and download portals such as ITunes and Spotify? But now you want to collect all the links on one page, so you can send out one link and the fans can decide where they want to listen to it?

So what you need is a smartlink website. Here I present you the top smart link websites for musicians. Enjoy : )

Smart link site

#1 Linkfire

LinkFire is the most professional Smart Link service. It is used by many famous artists. Unfortunately it is not possible to register “normally” there. You need to fill out the form and it’s hard to get accepted by them.

  • Costs: Free
  • Analytics: Yes
  • How to join: request an account (invitation only)
  • Features: Amazing targeting and analytics options
  • Register now!

#2 TuneVoyage

TuneVoyage is a new and extremely strong tool. Next to the landing page they also offer download gates and much customization options for your site.

  • Costs: 24$ (pay once, use forever)
  • Analytics: Yes
  • How to join: Register on their site
  • Features: Download gates (follow to download)
  • Register now!

#3 TVM

TVM is a older and trusted site. Compared to others they are also quite expensive. They also offer detailed analylics and they do Search enginge Optimization on your smart links site.

  • Costs: min. 12$/month
  • Analytics: Yes
  • How to join: Register on their site
  • Features: SEO (Higher ranking in Google etc.)
  • Register now!

#4 Create your own page

In my opinion, the best solution is still to create your own landing page. You can do this with a pagebuilder like WixMusic or you can do it by yourself with HTML and CSS (recommended). For my landing pages I also coded it by myself and everything is working fine.

  • Costs: max. 10$/month
  • Analytics: Yes
  • You are the owner
  • Features: Everything you want


I hope this article helped you a little finding the right option for you and start share your links/music with the world!