We dont need to talk about how great linkfire is. But many good musicians don’t get accepted by linkfire. So now you are looking for a alternative and you probably found this page. I was in the same situation than you a few months ago. I tryed many different tools until I found the right one. TUNEVOYAGE

Smart link site


TuneVoyage offers Download Gates and Smart link sites for musicians. It costs 24$. But once you have paid, you can use it a lifetime.

Key Features

  • With Download Gates you can ask your listener to do something (follow on spotify, youtube etc.) to unlock a free download.
  • Beautiful landing pages with all the links to the streaming and download sites on one page.
  • You can combine the Donwload Gate and the Smart links page.
  • Beautiful designed analytics to track your pages.
  • It looks beautiful on all devices
  • Much customization options for you pages
  • You can download the source code and implement it on your own website.
  • And much much more…

How does it looks?

SmartLink Page

Smartlink page

See DemoPage

Download Gate

Download gate

See DemoPage

There are much more features. But best is, you check them out by your own. Als see my other LinkFire Alternatives